Get ready to burn off the mince pies!
Stunning new Bath Salsa venue for 2018...

BathSalsa is moving to Tuesdays at a stunning new venue in Bath

Walcot House (former Club XL site but *totally* transformed into an amazing venue), 90b Walcot Street, Bath
8pm (reception from 7:30pm)

* Space for 3 classes - in separate rooms so you can hear the teachers :)

* State of the art sound system and air conditioning

* Classes followed by Salsa 'til late with DJ Marco

* Free entry after 9:30pm for freestyle!

Tuesday, 9th January 2018

** Please support the bar as much as possible and help keep Salsa in great venues like this. Please don't bring your own drinks into the venue.**

Chance to burn off the mince pies before then...

SALSA at The Earl

Dates:  3rd Jan, 17th...

Freestyle/party with DJ Marco
(no classes)
8:30pm 'til Late

The Earl is a smart bar at 10 Manvers Street, Bath. Great chance to practice what you learnt on Tuesday! The Earl does superb cocktails on special offers - all night! £4/£3.

full details: www.bathsalsa.co.uk/wednesday

Next Monthly Salsa party at Bonghy-Bo...



Sat, 20th Jan 2018

2-3 Barton Court,
 Upper Borough Walls

8pm'til 12:30am
£10 or advance ticket(£9)

* Smart city centre venue  * Great buffet included
* Beginners salsa class at 8:15pm 
* No need to bring a partner
* Top salsa tracks with DJ Marco  * Late bar

Link: www.bathsalsa.co.uk/party

Advance Tickets Available from BathSalsa Nights
Next one after this: Sat, 10th February 2018

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BathSalsa Regular Nights:

Tuesday Salsa (Weekly): Classes followed by DJ Marco 'til late. See Link

Wednesday Salsa (Fortnightly): Freestyle/party only with DJ Marco 8:30 'til late. See link for dates: See Link

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